This is an exclusive personal development program tailored for High-Level Male Entrepreneurs who want to get to The Next Level in every aspect of their lives.

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The Inner Circle

This is an Invitation Only Network for male trendsetters who refuse to follow the crowd.
They live by a code of ethics and high standards that most people won’t understand.
They believe Proximity is Power.
They understand that if you want to change the world you can’t simply talk about it. You have to TAKE ACTION every single day.
The ONLY outcome for these men is leaving a LEGACY in this world.

The Man Behind the Revolution

Raul Villacis is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, father and husband. He is the FORCE behind the movement changing men’s lives all over the world.
The E.D.G.E. is a program based on Raul’s real life experiences – not random theory.
He has coached successful entrepreneurs from many walks of life and has led them to getting the E.D.G.E. back in their lives.
Listen to his message to determine if his program is a fit for you.

God, Money, & Sex Podcast

Coming soon.

This is a podcast about spirituality, business and relationships.  It is for male entrepreneurs who are tired of the unhelpful theories and lessons they have heard from other “healers” throughout their lives.  Each podcast is a practical lesson full of insights from successful men who are integrating these lessons into their daily lives.